Pro-Conex Stage Box Snake, Hosa 16 x XLR Sends and 4 x 1/4 in TRS Returns, 100 ft

USD$ 724.50

Item#: SH-16X4-100

Item is available.


Offering an incredible price-to-performance ratio, Hosa’s Pro-Conex Stage Box Snakes are an incredible value! Features include:

• Serviceable, all-metal connectors
• Numbered leads
• Individually shielded 24 AWG x 2 OFC conductors
• Heavy-gauge, rolled-steel chassis with black enamel textured finish
• High-contrast silk-screed lettering
• Foil-wrapped, heat shrink-protected internal wiring
• Heavy-duty wire mesh hanger/strain relief

  • Connector(s): Hosa 16 x XLR Sends and 4 x 1/4 in TRS Returns
  • Length: 100 ft

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